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Monday, October 8, 2012

Woodson Michel

With already producing, writing, and a vocalist woodson has proven he can stand with the best of them in the Music & film indusrty, by co-writing,producing, and acting in the new a movies trailer “Then set up”. Woodson Michel career started with a group called lowkey which consist of maurice hampton and ralph G. Lowkey performed at good amount of places, and releases 2 singles, but was later dismantle by producer, While in the group he learned to enhance his song writing, producing and technical skills, Woodson was always surrounded by musicians from his best friend Marc Celestin Jr. whom can play Numerous instrument, and is his main producer on his music. The dismatle of the group had given Woodson and new look on things, self-confidence and drive to prepare him for the cut throat realism of the music industry. 

Woodson then has put out an album “YOUR NIGHT”which has caught attention of a lot of people and radio stations. His music “POP POP”has since been on tv show CSI on season 11 episode 09, “She hot” is in the Movie “My hometown”, Woodson has been on Atlantas “Kontrol magazine” with Pretty Ricky and Kandi of “Real House Wives of Atlanta” Florida “Rapsoulution magazine”, Album has gotten a great review by Az1 promotionz saying “one of the best independent artist out” Woodson sound is crisp and inviting to an audience who is looking and longing for an artist who delivers in sound,look and performance. Woodson has been working with Ken schmidt whom has done video’s “Whine, pop pop, and She’s hot” Also worked with Nebreed to do “HER, and GOODSTUFF” and the recent trailer has worked with Mike Cip his main engineer to do “let me be the 1”. Now Woodson is about to release his EP “As I Am” based on his state of mind he was in when he left his past. With already getting a lot of recognition for his first single “let me Be” (whom was #148 in agaust on th DRT music charts) woodson is taking over..

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Woodson - Ft. Bizzy Boy aka (Sexy Beef) "Let Me Be" 

              This song & video is a killer.