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Thursday, September 20, 2012

OD of The Gemini

Their label is Bloody Bean Coalition and his group is called The Gemini. Other acts on the the label are The Allies, Brandoe, Keys, etc.


 Bloody Bean Coalition Presents...6et 1n 7ouch Vol 2: Or U Gettin' Touched FREE DOWNLOAD  

"The first and last letter in the phrase "One of a kinD" explains my name and defines what i am in a line."
 - OD     

The Gemini is an underground Hip Hop act from the metropolitan city of Boston, Massachusetts. Unlike the prevalent mainstream style of Rap music that dominates the airwaves, television, internet and all other forms of media today, The Gemini has made it their brand to bring forth quality music that can be embraced by a mainstream Hip Hop audience and maintain it's urban integrity. The group is composed of two members: O'D from Mattapan, and S.C. from Dorchester, two neighborhoods within the city of Boston. 

The two emcee's met while attending the same high school in their early teens where they established a musical bond and became a group. Christened with the name by their peers because of their similar perspectives, attitudes, and influences, they have a style and voice that is all their own with emphasis on lyrical ability and unique production courtesy of their in-house production team as well as some production handled by the artist's themselves. Despite their young ages, O'D and S.C. can be placed in the category of veterans based on their versatility, talent, and skill for consistently creating good music over the years. 

The Gemini have been fortunate enough to be chosen as the opening act for D.J. Kid Capri, Boston's own Ed O.G., and have performed all over the city and state including: The Middle East, All Asia, The Western Front, McGann's, Northeastern University, The Crypt, & Linwood Bar & Grill, amongst countless other venues.